1. What is “Clean Sport” and what exactly are the risks to riders?


    With the FEI having recently released a decision on two dressage horses who tested positive for a banned substance in February 2017 and the more recent disqualification and loss of Gold Medal for Britain's Harry Charles after a positive test for a controlled medication substance, what does "Clean Sport" really mean when it comes to feed and supplements?

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  2. A Preliminary Investigation Into the Effect of ProKalm on Gait and Dressage Score: A double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Cross-Over Study

    This study tested the effect of ProKalm (Science Supplements, U.K.) or a placebo on gait and dressage score.
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  3. Science Supplements® Celebrates Success At National Equestrian Business Awards

    Science Supplements™, the Northampton-based company responsible for the creation of a portfolio of high grade, clinically proven equestrian feed supplements, won a prestigious national award at this week’s 2019 BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) Business Awards in recognition of its exporting excellence.
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  4. Shortlisted for THREE Awards!

    Science Supplements™ are thrilled to have been shortlisted for three BETA Business Awards 2019. To be shortlisted for one is an honour, but to achieve three is incredible and a true testament to our hard-working working team.

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  5. Science Supplements Team News - New Appointments

    Team Image

    Four new appoints within the team at Science Supplements; Vicky Mitson becomes Commercial Director, Nathan Archer becomes Head of Product, and Ellie Holder and Connie Dale complete their internships to become Nutrition Advisors.

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  6. Latest research prompts formulation update for award-winning Science Supplements® Gut Balancer

    Latest research prompts formulation update for award-winning Science Supplements® Gut Balancer

    Science Supplements® responds to research with a formulation change to its successful Gut Balancer, to deliver aGut Balancer supplement that features the highest combination of Pro and Prebiotics on the UK market.

    Following the latest research into hindgut dysfunction, Science Supplements® has enhanced its market-leading Gut Balancer supplement to now include two forms of Prebiotic. The original Gut Balancer formulation already included the highest levels of Probiotic and the new updated version has been developed to incorporate 15 times more Prebiotics (from two different sources). This is based on research into horses with hindgut dysfunction where the findings showed that in a study of 25 horses, improvements were shown in just 5-7 days when fed the improved formulation.

    The advanced formulation Gut Balancer from Science Supplements® supports gut health and aids digestion with a unique balanced combination of Pre and Probiotics offering optimum levels of protected

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  7. £1.1 million investment in production and R&D facility

    Supplement manufacturer Science Supplements has invested £1.1 million in a new production and Research and Development facility at their Northamptonshire base. The new systems increase the brands manufacturing capabilities for liquid, gel, paste and powder products and adds to its existing UFAS and NOPS approved facility.

    Science Supplements already has offices in five countries and the installation is the start of greater expansion plans both in the UK and abroad, with the creation of a further 15 jobs in the UK. 

    “Our continued investment in the research and development of new products and the increased capacity that the new facility brings paves the way for the exciting future ahead,” said Vicky Mitson, Commercial Director.

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  8. Water & Electrolytes

    Water & Electrolytes

    The majority of a mature horse’s body weight is composed of water, 62 – 68% to be precise! Unsurprisingly, water plays a key role in maintaining many different systems, including: blood and plasma volume, gastric motility, gastrointestinal tract lubrication and secretions, thermoregulation, connective tissue, skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons, as well as acting as a transport mechanism for dissolved substances. Therefore, it is vital to maintain adequate hydration levels and this is where electrolyte supplementation can have a beneficial impact (Lindinger and Ecker, 2013).>

    Electrolytes are minerals that have a positive or negative charge when dissolved in bodily fluids, allowing them to conduct electrical charges, hence they are able to influence circulatory fluid balance, acid-base balance, nervous impulses and facilitate muscle contraction. The key electrolytes (in order of the quantity they are contained within plasma) are as follows: Chloride 3.5g/l, Sodium 3.3g/l, P

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  9. Managing Laminitis This Summer

    Managing Laminitis This Summer

    The heatwave has hit the UK hard this summer with lovely hot sunny days, but on the other hand very hard ground, accompanied by less obvious problems. Everyone thinks about laminitis in the spring and  Autumn, with fresh grass growth, warmer days and cool nights. However, in this period where a lot of the UK is seeing drought conditions there are other factors worth considering.

    When a pasture becomes stressed, for example due to lack of water and hot conditions, the metabolism of the grass will slow down. Lack of water will limit respiration (glucose + water = carbon dioxide + water) before it will limit photosynthesis (CO2 + Water + light = glucose + O2), therefore the level of fructans will build up in the grass during periods of drought. Fructans are a type of water soluble carbohydrate (sugar) created during photosynthesis and used during respiration in order for the plant to grow. The problem with fructans is a horse’s digestive system does not contain the correct enz

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  10. Horse & Hound Festival of ShowJumping

    Horse & Hound Festival of ShowJumping
    Science Supplements sponsor the H&H Festival of Show jumping.
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