1. Managing Laminitis This Summer

    Managing Laminitis This Summer

    The heatwave has hit the UK hard this summer with lovely hot sunny days, but on the other hand very hard ground, accompanied by less obvious problems. Everyone thinks about laminitis in the spring and  Autumn, with fresh grass growth, warmer days and cool nights. However, in this period where a lot of the UK is seeing drought conditions there are other factors worth considering.


    When a pasture becomes stressed, for example due to lack of water and hot conditi

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  2. Horse & Hound Festival of ShowJumping

    Horse & Hound Festival of ShowJumping
    Science Supplements sponsor the H&H Festival of Show jumping.
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  3. Science Supplements sponsor at the Hickstead Derby

    Science Supplements sponsor at the Hickstead Derby
    New class, new sponsors and 100's of prizes.
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  4. Safe & Legal Feeding

    Safe & Legal Feeding

    There’s plenty of marketing and claims surrounding feed & supplements but how do you know that what you are feeding is safe and more importantly legal?

    When we talk about positive tests in horses people generally associate this just with deliberate doping but this is not the case and many high profile cases have involved feed or supplement contamination. Read more »