Horse Vitamin E & Selenium Supplements

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant vitamin that cannot be made by the horse and must be obtained from the diet. Vitamin E is essential for healthy functioning of muscles, the immune system, reproductive function and the nervous system.

The right choice for your horse.

Natural E, as the name suggests provides a natural source of Vitamin E which has up to double the biological activity than synthetic forms of Vitamin E. Natural E also contains organic selenium which is essential for the optimal activity of Vitamin E. Click on the product page for more information or call the helpline on 0345 504940

  • Natural E - Natural Vitamin E & Selenium

    Natural E - Natural Vitamin E & Selenium

    • Natural Vitamin E & Organic Selenium
    • For horses in work or on low Vitamin E intake
    • For horses needing muscle, respiratory or immune support
    • 3000 IU of Vitamin E activity per daily feed
    • 1.32kg tub gives approximately one month supply