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Maintaining a healthy stomach and gastric environment is a vital part of equine care. Our award winning supplements designed to soothe the stomach lining, support a healthy stomach and control stomach acidity are ideal for horses needing that extra care

Formulated with leading vets and equine nutritionists containing 9 active ingredients and fully UFAS and NOPS certified. If you have any questions, simply call our nutritional advice line on 0345 5046940.

  • GastroKind - Gastric Support Supplement

    GastroKind - Gastric Support Supplement

    • Winner of the International Innovation Awards 2017
    • Works rapidly to support a healthy stomach
    • Helps control stomach acidity
    • Developed with Vets & leading equine nutritionists
    • Contains 9 active ingredients
    • 5.6kg tub gives approximately one month supply