Horse Muscle Builder

Our horse Muscle Builder is designed to provide the optimum levels of the key amino acids responsible for muscle development, strength, power, stamina and to aid recovery from exercise.

Beating the competition hands down

All of the products that we have in stock have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they offer the results that we know our customers are looking for. The ingredients that they contain are both clinically and scientifically proven and our muscle builder contains a staggering 5 times more amino acids in total per feed than other brands, but importantly it contains the KEY amino acids that the latest scientific papers suggest are responsible for muscle development and recovery. If you are looking for superior support and a horse muscle builder that delivers, then look no further.

  • Muscle Builder - Horse Muscle Building Supplement

    Muscle Builder - Horse Muscle Building Supplement

    • Contains the key amino acids to support muscle development
    • Supports muscle repair and recovery after exercise
    • Promotes muscle strength, power and stamina
    • 1.86kg tub gives approximately 1 month supply