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Poor hoof condition is a common problem with many horses and ponies and can be the result of a poor diet, their genetics or the environment – however if this problem is left, the hoof could become prone to cracking and splitting.

To combat this, 4Feet hoof supplement is specially formulated with an essential mix of nutrients which improve the condition of the hoof and horn, reduce cracking and splitting, decrease foot sensitivity and promote healthy skin and hair. The nutrients can be added straight to the feed, providing essential mix of micronutrients which include Biotin and Calcium. However due to the slow growth of the hoof, the effects of these nutrients won’t be noticeable until after a few months, which is why our 2kg tub gives a 6 months’ supply.

  • 4Feet - Hoof Supplement for Horses

    4Feet - Hoof Supplement for Horses

    • Providing high specification nutrients shown to help:
    • Improve hoof & horn condition
    • Reduce cracking & splitting
    • Decrease foot sensitivity
    • Promote healthy skin and hair
    • 2kg tub gives approximately 6 months supply
    From: £39.99